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  • Feasibility Studies
    Analyze the client's budget, needs and goals to determine the feasibility of maintaining or renovating an existing structure compared to constructing a new building or an addition.
  • Master Development Plans
    Develop a master plan for the overall use of the site that can be sequenced into phases as the budget permits. Each project phase can be advanced according to this overall development plan.
  • Project Programming
    Work with the client to establish a program to determine the type, number and size of various rooms required for a complete project.
  • Schematic Design
    Provide early sketches of space allocation and circulation based on the project program to determine the juxtaposition of building functions.
  • Code Compliance and Analysis
    Review an existing or new facility to ensure compliance with municipal, state and federal codes.
  • Design Development
    Produce design development drawings providing greater detail than those of the schematic phase. From this information, an accurate cost estimate can be established to compare with the budget.
  • Construction Documents
    Provide contract documents including drawings and specifications to be used for the construction of the project.
  • Construction Observation
    Observe the construction to verify that the contractor is supplying and installing materials in accordance with the specifications and intent of the drawings.



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